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utica college accelerated nursing on instagram 1

Earlier this week, we gave you a run-down on where to find Utica’s accelerated nursing program in New York on social media. Here’s what we’re doing on our newest channel, Instagram. We joined Instagram to express our passion for nursing through pictures! Follow @Utica_Nursing for nursing inspiration, industry information and a look at our Accelerated…

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future of nursing

We’re thrilled you’ve found our blog. Did you know you can also connect with Utica College’s accelerated nursing program on various social networking sites? No matter where you like to spend your time on social media, we’d love to connect with you there. Here’s where you can find us on social media: Twitter – We’ve…

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5 Nursing Twitter Accounts

Are you on Twitter? We are! Follow us at @UticaNursing to keep up-to-date with the nursing news we track down, receive some nursing inspiration and get alerted to new blog posts. Once you do that, you should also check out some other great Twitter accounts for nursing students. We’ve listed five of our favorites for…

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