The Right Personality for Online Learning in Nursing School

What Type of Learner Benefits the Most from Online Education?

Choosing to pursue a second bachelor’s degree can seem intimidating enough, but earning a degree online can seem almost impossible, especially if you have been out of the academic environment for a couple of years.

However, online learning is not what it used to be. Nowadays, almost anybody can adapt to an online classroom.

Of course, it’s understandable to still be nervous. Let us help reassure you that you have the right personality for online learning.

The Right Personality for Online Learning

I Prefer Engaging with Professors and Classmates

It’s easy to think of online learning as a lonesome venture. After all, your classes are virtual, so when will you ever see your professors and classmates, and how are you supposed to interact with them?

Consider how you spend your social time. In the last 100 years, conversations have moved from letters to telephones to emails to instant messages to texts to tweets. Just because the way we engage with one another has changed doesn’t mean the value of the conversation has diminished.

Sure, you probably interact with your immediate family on a daily basis, and you probably hang out with friends occasionally. However, you probably also engage with friends and family online- through Facebook, messaging services, email, etc.

You are already used to engaging with people through the internet. This will carry you through your online learning. That’s not to say you will be tweeting your professors. Instead, class discussions with your professors and classmates will be held online.

This interactive classroom lets you engage however you need with your fellow nursing students and your professors. Whether you need to send your professor a quick email about a certain topic, want to message a classmate about an assignment, or want to initiate a discussion about that week’s assignment, online learning lets you stay engaged with everyone.

I’m Introverted


The online classroom is perfect for introverts. Because your interactions are all virtual, you may feel more comfortable taking part in discussions that you might not have otherwise.

Additionally, the online classroom offers you privacy, which you can utilize to ask your professors or classmates specific questions through messages or emails without feeling uncomfortable.

The online classroom also lets you get to know the other students in your cohort early on in a comfortable, relaxed environment. This serves as a great environment in which to introduce yourself, so once you start seeing your classmates regularly in skills labs and clinical rotations, you may not feel as shy.

I’m Extroverted


Just because you are online doesn’t mean you aren’t actively speaking to your classmates. You can speak out as much as you want in your online classroom- there’s no character limit in these discussion boards.

You can also set up your own discussion groups and virtual study groups through online classrooms, letting you stay as engaged as you want with your fellow nursing students.

I Prefer Hands-On Learning

“If my classes are all virtual, does that mean the first time I practice a procedure won’t be until I graduate and start working?”

It’s easy to see why you may think you won’t be physically doing any nursing until you start at your first job. However, with interactive modules, skills labs, and clinicals, you are constantly practicing your nursing skills, from your first class until the day you graduate.

Interactive Modules

The interactive modules let you visual and virtually practice nursing theory.

After you complete any readings, you will be able to demonstrate understanding through online simulations. These simulations respond to your work, letting you see exactly what you should be doing.

Simulation Labs

Simulation Labs

How are these simulations different from virtual ones?

You’ll be physically visiting a high-tech skills lab to work on simulation manikins. Unlike the CPR dummies you may have practiced on during health class in middle school, these manikins are completely responsive.

You will work with a group of students to practice a variety of skills and experience many different environments. The manikins come in a variety of ages, from infants to children to adults.

Among many different abilities, these manikins can:

  • Speak
  • Bleed
  • Give birth
  • Have increased or decreased blood pressure
  • Have increased or decreased heart rate

The simulation labs offer you a safe environment in which you can practice your nursing skills without fear of making mistakes.

The skills labs also offer you a place to meet with your cohort, so you can put faces to names.

Clinical Rotations

You will start doing clinical rotations in your first semester of classes. While that may seem a bit intimidating, you won’t be alone while you’re going through clinicals.

With the guidance of your clinical instructor and your fellow nursing students, you will be working with real patients in real health care settings, letting you gain invaluable experience.

I Prefer to Listen to Lessons

Auditory learners rejoice: you can download your lectures and listen to them on the way to clinicals, at home, or wherever you choose to study.

Unlike a traditional classroom, which requires you to absorb material all at once, you can pause, rewind, and re-listen to lectures as often as you want. You can even take them with you on your phone or mobile device, offering you a uniquely portable classroom.

Do I Have the Right Personality for Online Learning?

With the evolvement of online education, it doesn’t matter what your learning personality is. You can benefit from the variety offered in online classes, letting you master nursing material and become a successful BSN-educated registered nurse.


Still not quite sure about online learning? Take a look at the Utica College ABSN Online Learning Demo and you can see exactly what will be expected of you in your nursing classes.

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