Clinical Skills and Nursing Simulation Labs in St. Petersburg or Miramar

The hands-on learning component of our accelerated nursing programs takes place at one of our ABSN program sites in either St. Petersburg or Miramar. You will log approximately 225 hours of lab time your preferred location, learning and applying clinical skills in a controlled, risk-free environment.

“It’s better to practice nursing skills on a simulated manikin than a real patient.” —Denise W., ABSN student

During the nursing simulation labs, you will use real hospital equipment to “treat” medical manikins in a mock clinical setting. These labs comprise three main learning components:

  1. Students and instructors discuss and prepare for a specific clinical scenario.
  2. Students participate in the simulated clinical experience associated with a specific scenario.
  3. Students and faculty participate in a debriefing session following the simulated clinical experience.

When it comes to the different clinical scenarios you will experience during your nursing simulation labs, we urge you to ask questions to ensure you understand how to properly apply nursing theory in professional practice.