Applying to Utica University’s ABSN Program or Advanced Standing BS in Nursing Program

If you meet the basic admissions requirements for our accelerated nursing program, offered in Syracuse and Albany, or for our Advanced Standing BS in Nursing program, offered exclusively in Albany, and are ready to get moving on your nursing education, here are the five key steps involved in applying.

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1. Meet with an Admissions Representative

The application process begins when you meet with an admissions representative to discuss your academic experience and future career goals. This representative will serve as your main point of contact during the entire admissions/application process.

2. Develop an Academic Plan

It is important to work with your admissions representative to create a personalized academic plan that works toward your target program start date. We offer program start dates in January, May, and August.

3. Complete Degree Requirement Courses (Formerly Called Prerequisites)

Before you can apply to our ABSN program or to the Advanced Standing BS in Nursing program, you must complete a series of general and natural science degree requirement courses within the required specifications. These courses can be completed 100% online.

4. Apply to our ABSN Program or Advanced Standing BS in Nursing Program

Your admissions representative will provide you with a way to access the online application for the ABSN program or for the Advanced Standing BS in Nursing program. Please be aware there is a $40 application fee and a $150 non-refundable admissions deposit.

Ask your admissions representative how you can get an application fee waiver by completing a simple survey.

5. Mail Official Transcripts

You will need to send us your official transcripts from the college or university you previously attended.

Utica University
Attn: ABSN Program and Advanced Standing BS in Nursing Program
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“It was easy …”

—Kristin K., ABSN student, commenting on her application experience with Utica ABSN.

Contact us to schedule your appointment with an admissions representative. If you want more details on our admissions process, download our Admissions Checklist.

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