Online Accelerated Nursing Coursework

Our online accelerated nursing coursework covers essential nursing theory concepts, from clinical research to leadership. Unlike a traditional classroom environment, online learning affords a high level of scheduling flexibility in that you choose when and where to participate in class.

Keep in mind, however, that online learning adheres to the same demands and requirements as an on-campus class. You are still accountable for completing assignments, taking exams within instructor guidelines, etc.

If you are a student enrolled in the Advanced Standing BS in Nursing program offered exclusively in Albany, New York, you’ll attend face-to-face courses supported by our intuitive online platform.

As an ABSN student you will complete your online accelerated nursing coursework through an interactive e-Learning management system that allows you to:

  • Read and listen to material as many times as you want.
  • Participate in task-based simulated learning modules.
  • Complete course assignments and participate in quizzes.
  • Interact with other students via a discussion forum.
  • Join scheduled chat sessions with your professors.

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Online Learning Benefits

While online accelerated nursing coursework offers flexibility, it also satisfies different learning styles. So, whether you are an aural or tactile learner, our e-learning platform allows you to participate in various learning activities designed to help you retain course information better.

Overall, online accelerated nursing coursework lets you engage with learning material like never before. For example, you don’t just read about hypertension, you watch simulations of its effect on the body.

Our e-Learning platform comprises:

  • Images and graphical representations of information for visual learners.
  • Video content for aural learners.
  • Task-based simulations and 3D graphics for tactile learners.
  • Discussion forums with fellow students for social learners.
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Online and In-Person Learning

While some college programs are 100% online, when it comes to accelerated nursing programs, it is impossible to graduate practice-ready nurses without hands-on practicum—which is why our Utica ABSN program in Syracuse and Albany and our Advanced Standing BS in Nursing program in Albany, each blend online and experiential learning.

As part of our accelerated education model, you will take the nursing theory concepts you learned online (or in face-to-face courses) and apply them during hands-on nursing simulation labs at one of our learning sites and during clinical rotations.

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