Utica College Syracuse, NY ABSN Program Site

Our ABSN program site in Central New York makes it convenient to access a quality nursing education. Our program site is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, specifically designed to imitate a clinical setting in the most accurate way possible while also providing every other necessary student resource.

While coursework is completed and turned in for review online, all tests are taken onsite in our exam rooms. Before and after, students will have access to study rooms, break facilities, and amenities like printing and Wi-Fi.

When the time comes for in-person skills and simulation labs, students can use real hospital equipment to “treat” high-tech medical manikins, and each site is located within commuting distance of in-hospital clinicals.

With three program starts a year, you can use your previous non-nursing college experience to get moving on a nursing degree as soon as possible.

As a Utica ABSN student, you can expect to spend a few days a week at our program site. You and members of your cohort will complete the hands-on learning component of the program at this site.

Utica ABSN Syracuse learning site

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