ABSN Clinical Placement at Local Healthcare Facilities

Clinical placements are a critical learning component of nursing school, allowing students to apply their theoretical knowledge and clinical skills in the real world. When it comes to our accelerated nursing program, you will start your ABSN clinicals during the first semester. As you progress through the program so will your level of clinical practice.

At the start of your clinicals, for example, you will probably look up every medical term, patient diagnosis, and medication type. Later, your efforts will evolve into performing in-depth research on a specific medical diagnosis and treatment.

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Over the span of 16-months, you will complete 588 hours of clinical practice at different local healthcare facilities. Under the supervision of a licensed preceptor/clinical instructor, you will assist in the safe, ethical delivery of patient care in specialty areas that include:

  • Adult Health
  • Pediatrics
  • Acute Care
  • Mental Health
  • Community Health
  • Health Promotion
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The Clinical Experience

Building upon your simulation lab experiences, accelerated nursing clinicals provide a deeper learning and understanding of the nursing profession. Through clinical placement, you have the opportunity to further develop your nursing skills by working with different patients in diverse medical settings. You also get to experience the day-to-day intricacies involved in today’s complex healthcare environments.

Clinical practice teaches you how to:

  • Apply nursing theory and clinical skills in patient care,
  • Exhibit caring behaviors when treating patients,
  • Apply appropriate communication strategies,
  • Perform safe therapeutic interventions,
  • Employ ethical perspectives in patient care.

Learning in the Real World

While our program does have online components, it’s important to mention that labs and clinical placements must be completed in-person. Clinicals give you the opportunity to practice your nursing skills in a real-world environment. Here, you’ll feel the pressure, urgency and importance of treating real human patients. After all, you wouldn’t want a pilot who has only ever used a flying simulator but has never actually flown a plane. The same goes for a nurse. Think of the care you’d want your loved ones to receive. In clinical placements, you’ll learn to give that kind of top-notch care.

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Local Healthcare Partners

Our clinical ties with several healthcare facilities in the Syracuse/Liverpool and Albany areas of New York give you unprecedented access to diverse patient care experiences. While we cannot guarantee when or where your clinical rotations will occur, our students typically complete their practice hours in a variety of medial settings.

If you would like more information about clinicals or where they will occur, contact our admissions team.

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