The Ultimate Nursing School Admissions Checklist

When it comes to accepting students into our program, we look for passionate, dedicated individuals who not only meet the admissions requirements, but also have the virtues that embody the true spirit of nursing—which is why we do not solely rely on GPA when determining your potential.

The ultimate nursing school admissions checklist

Our nursing school faculty closely evaluates the qualifications of each applicant before making the final decision as to who gets into the ABSN program. Complete the form to download “The Ultimate Nursing School Admissions Checklist” for free.

We recommend downloading our free admissions checklist to learn the important ins and outs of applying to accelerated nursing school, including how:

  • GPA alone does not define student potential.
  • A quality BS in Nursing can be earned in less than four years.
  • A blended learning format works and yields successful outcomes.
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