Tuition and Fees

Given the costs associated with our accelerated nursing school tuition, going back to school requires some financial planning. The tuition and program fees for our four-semester ABSN program and for our Advanced Standing BS in Nursing program are listed in the tuition breakdown chart below. This total program cost assumes successful completion of each semester and is based on an estimated cost of the ABSN program or the Advanced Standing BS in Nursing program. (Costs are subject to change without notice).

While the cost to attend accelerated nursing school can seem intimidating, you should look at it as an investment in your future. After all, it is one of the quickest, most effective ways to transition into a lucrative nursing career.

Tuition BreakdownCostTotal
Per Credit Hour$920$57,040
Program fees per semester$340$1,360
BooksVaries by Semester$3,059
Total Estimated Tuition $61,459

Program fees include: scrubs (3 sets), photo ID badge, technology fees, lab fees, Kaplan testing, student activity fees, graduation fees, and malpractice fees.

Note: Tuition and fees are subject to change without notice.

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Admissions Fees

In addition to tuition, students interested in the ABSN program or the Advanced Standing BS in Nursing program at Utica University, a nonprofit organization, should anticipate the following one-time admissions fees:

Admissions deposit (non-refundable)$500
Background and drug screen fee (Albany)$180
Background and drug screen fee (Syracuse)$213

Health Insurance

Both ABSN program and Advanced Standing BS in Nursing students are required to have health insurance. If you do not have health insurance, we will automatically charge a health insurance premium for our plan to your account. If you are already covered by health insurance, please visit to have our plan and fees waived.

Contact us for the complete details regarding our accelerated nursing school tuition and fees.

Paying for Accelerated Nursing School

If you need help paying for accelerated nursing school, you may qualify for federal financial aid or student loans. We recommend contacting our Office of Student Financial Services to learn about the different funding options available to nursing students.

Our financial services staff can assist you in applying for federal student aid, which includes completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or FAFSA, and taking all of the appropriate steps should financial aid be awarded.

To be eligible for federal financial aid, you must be:

  • Accepted into a degree program.
  • Enrolled in a minimum of six credit hours per term.
  • A citizen of the United States or an eligible non-citizen.
  • Free of any federal loan defaults.
  • Registered for selective service, male students only.

Please call (315) 792-3009 for Andrea Curley or (315) 792-4400 for Christina Kallasy in our Office of Student Financial Services to learn more about paying for accelerated nursing school.

The Ultimate Nursing School Admissions Checklist

Ready for nursing school but stressed about applying? We recommend downloading our free admissions checklist to learn the important ins and outs of applying to accelerated nursing school.

The ultimate nursing school admissions checklist