10 Nursing Holidays That Don’t Exist… But Should

nursing holidays

National Nurses Day, also known as National RN Recognition Day, is celebrated on May 6 kicking off National Nurses Week, during which the contributions and commitments nurses make are recognized.

While a well-deserved holiday, the work nurses do merit more than one day or even one week of recognition a year. Below are holidays for nurses that do not exist, but should.


This holiday would be similar to Thanksgiving. Nurses get the day off, and so does everyone else, but everyone else has to cook and bake for the nurses they know and tell them how thankful they are for the work they do. Nurses will be permitted to limit their activities this day to eating and napping.

In – DUH – pendence Day

Celebrated on July 6 to give all the nurses a day off for all the extra work they did on July 4 and 5 due to all the stupid injuries people sustain from fireworks.

Labor and Delivery Day

Expected date to celebrate this holiday is the 40th week of the year (around Sept 29), but it could be celebrated earlier or later depending on the phase of the moon. Similar to Labor Day, this holiday is to recognize working people–in this case laboring women and the nurses who help them have babies.


Halloween, of course, is celebrated on October 31, but Nursoween would be observed each day from Oct 1 – Oct 30 because nurses have seen, by far, scarier and more terrifying things than anything that has ever happened on Halloween. Ever.

Irregular Schedule Day

Nurses have atypical work schedules to say the least. It’s a love-hate relationship in many cases. This holiday is celebrated all night on May 18, then again observed for eight hours during the day on May 20, then for 12 hours again on May 23. This holiday may text or call you to ask if you want to celebrate it for four hours on Saturday evening.

Tools of the Nursing Trade Day

This holiday allows nurses to pay homage to their trusted tools of their trade: the stethoscope, scrubs, and of course Dansko clogs.

Practical Jokes on Doctors Day

Similar to April Fools Day, nurses would have complete license to play practical jokes on the doctors in their lives. It is likely nurses would petition to extend this to a week or month long celebration.

Everyone Stay Healthy Day

Ideally witnessed every day of the year, this would be a day where everyone stayed healthy and injury free so nurses could take leisurely lunches.

Unexpected Body Fluid Day

This holiday would pay tribute to all the nurses who have found themselves in the path of unexpected projectile fluids.

Nurse at the Podium Day (also known as Nurses’ Conch Day)

Those of us who are not nurses cannot truly understand what it’s like to be a nurse. On this day, nurses get to tell everyone else all their stories – and they have many – from the heart wrenching to the heartfelt, from the unbelievable to the uplifting. And when telling stories those outside of nursing may find gross or to graphic, too bad! It’s Nurse at the Podium Day!

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