10 Unique Gift Ideas for Nursing Grads

Are you looking to surprise the nursing student in your life with a unique graduation gift? You’ve come to the right place! Leave the stethoscopes, nursing clogs and clipboards for someone else. We’re going to share our favorite nursing gifts with you. Some are practical, some are just plain fun. Don’t worry, nurses. It’s OK to buy these gifts for yourself too!

  1. unique-gift-ideas-for-nursing-gradsSyringe Pen – Nurses like their pens. In an environment filled with hustle-and-bustle, imagine how easy it would be to lose your much needed pens while on the job. That’s why you should add a few syringe pens from Office Playground to your gift basket! There’s no better gift than one that’s practical, fun and sure to spark a conversation with a fellow nurse.
  2. Spunky Nursing Artwork – Help your nursing grad jazz up their living spaces with nursing artwork. Completing nursing school is quite the accomplishment. A piece of artwork with an inspiring nursing quote or a fun representation of the human body would be a great visual reminder of nursing school success. Etsy is a great place to search for unique, one-of-a-kind pieces!
  3. Pandemic, The Board Game – Want to see just how much your nursing grad learned in school? Test out their survival skills with the board game Pandemic. Not a nurse? No worries, you can easily join in on the fun as you work with other players to stop four deadly pandemics from overtaking the world. Well, okay, maybe this game is more entertaining than it is medically accurate.
  4. Anatomical Barbie – Half of this Barbie doll is pretty and perfect, and the other half shows the inner workings of the human body. Anatomical Barbie is great for nurses who have desk space for display. Talk about a conversation starter!
  5. Heart Beat Necklace – A simple heart beat necklace spices up any plain set of scrubs. It doesn’t just look great with scrubs, though. She can throw this necklace on with any outfit, whether it’s professional, casual or fashionable.
  6. Gift Card to an “Open 24-Hours” Restaurant – This isn’t just any old gift card. It’s perfect for the nightshift nurse wanting a quick breakfast sandwich or a “lunch” break at midnight. It’s tough to find a good place to eat when your schedule is a little bit weird.
  7. Personalized Notepad – A personalized notepad printed with “Name, RN, BSN” pairs perfectly with gift #1, the syringe pen. Why not remind your nursing grad of the hard-earned letters behind her name every time she needs to write something down?
  8. Animal Reflex Hammer – The dinosaur and giraffe reflex hammers from PediaPals are must-haves for every pediatric nurse, and they work great as stand-alone gifts or as an item in a gift basket. Who says medical equipment has to look boring?
  9. Nursing-Themed Cupcake Toppers – The nursing themed fondant toppers by Edible Details spruce up any boring cupcake. You can surprise the nursing grad in your life by showing up to their graduation party with a tray of these decorative desserts.
  10. Patterned Scrubs – You bet that every nurse already owns a set, if not more, of plain colored scrubs. There are several websites for scrubs (Dickies, Cherokee, Jockey, and Tafford, to name a few brands) where you can purchase that perfect, trendy scrub top for your nurse-to-be. You’ll find lots of summery floral prints for women and camouflage sets for men!

Want a reason to use some of these fun gifts? Contact us to get started on your accelerated nursing degree today!

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