3 Characters from ‘30 Rock’ That Would Rock it as a Nurse

30rock and Nursing

When you talk to friends and family about switching your career to become a nurse, it’s not uncommon to get a response like, “I could never be a nurse because I’m too squeamish” or “I’m not good with blood” or any other fear they might have about being an RN. Perhaps you’ve even thought it yourself. The truth is, though, there are so many different career paths you can follow with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) that you’re sure to find a role that complements your skill set.

To show how the nursing world is made up of all kinds of “characters,” let’s draw upon one of the funniest, most character-rich television shows of our time: 30 Rock. Surprisingly, several of the show’s stars would make great nursing professionals, serving the healthcare world in a variety of capacities. Here are three characters that could easily abandon life at Rockefeller Plaza and enjoy a second career as a nurse:

Kenneth Parcell

The first and most obvious character that could find his calling in the nursing profession is lovable page Kenneth Parcell. He is thoughtful, caring and completely devoted to helping others, which is exactly the image that comes to mind when you think of nurses. Kenneth would make a phenomenal bedside nurse, taking care of patients and making sure they receive the highest standard of care. Patients might have to suffer through a few stories about his pig farming days in the mountains of Georgia, but his cheery demeanor would be well worth it.

He would also be a wonderful classmate. If someone like Kenneth were in your cohort, no doubt he would be leading the study group, talking to prospective students every Open House and directing tours of our simulation lab.

Liz Lemon

Although Liz Lemon has quite an unhealthy lifestyle – she consumes cheese puffs like it’s her job, and her idea of working out is a leisurely stroll on the treadmill while simultaneously eating a pint of ice cream – she could still make a great nurse. As head writer for TGS and glorified babysitter of egotistical cast members Tracy and Jenna, Liz is constantly on her toes and has a flair for the disorderly (zing!). Because she performs so well in a hectic, fast-paced environment, Liz would be a solid ER nurse, ready to deal with whatever comes through the door next (as long as she has a tasty teamster sub waiting for her after a long shift).

Liz would have enjoyed being a part of Utica nursing’s first accelerated cohort, which recently spent several weeks observing adult and pediatric surgeries in the SUNY Upstate operating room.

Jack Donaghy

And last but certainly not least, there is the charming GE executive Jack Donaghy, Liz Lemon’s boss and reluctant mentor. Jack enjoys power and control, which at first glance aren’t traits that lend themselves to a noble career as a caretaker. However, there’s a place for Jack in the nursing world as well. As nursing professionals progress through their career, many go on to become hospital administrators in charge of nurses and other patient care services. Jack would power through an accelerated nursing program in New York and a master’s degree to earn a spot on a hospital’s management team. Administrative and leadership roles abound in nursing (wearing a tux after 6 pm is purely optional).

So instead of coming up with excuses why you could never be a nurse, think about the qualities and skills you possess that lend themselves to a great nursing career. If the prospect of nursing school has ever elicited the reaction “I want to go to there,” then hopefully you realize that nursing has a place for you, too. To learn more about becoming a nurse in 16 months through our second degree accelerated nursing program in New York, call us today at 866.892.6747.

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