3 Fairy Tales in Need of a Nurse

nursing Fairy Tales

When it comes to literature, some of the world’s most memorable narratives come from fairy tales. These stories entertain people in every culture with fantastical journeys, creative problem solving and a fondness for happily ever after. They inspire faith, hope and wonder.

They also feature characters in dire need of medical attention. Here are 3 fairy tales that could benefit from a nurse’s expertise:

Fairy Tale: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
Desired RN: Forensic Nurse

This naive princess almost pays the ultimate price for taking food from strangers. In the early versions, the dwarfs believe Snow White is dead when in reality she’s just in a near-death state from choking on an apple. If only Doc had had the wherewithal to hire a forensic nurse! A forensic nurse would have examined Snow White’s body for evidence and extracted the apple piece from her throat. This might have bought Snow White and the dwarfs a few more years of happiness together before she was whisked away by the prince. Better yet, she would have been awake for her first kiss!

Fairy Tale: Rapunzel
Desired RN: OB/GYN Nurse

Trapped in a tower from infancy to womanhood, Rapunzel’s only company during this time is the witch who imprisons her. The adult years prove to be more eventful when Rapunzel falls in love with a handsome prince who tries to help her escape. Her lack of knowledge regarding human reproductive issues becomes her undoing when she casually observes to the witch that her clothes don’t fit as well as they used to (Brothers Grimm, first edition). Rapunzel would have been well served by a visit from an OB/GYN nurse instead of a prince. An OB/GYN nurse would have provided Rapunzel with important facts on women’s health and female anatomy, enabling her to make informed dating choices and complete her escape from the tower unharmed. Knowledge really is power!

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland
Desired RN: School Nurse

Poor Alice, left to fend for herself in a nonsensical dreamland with an ill-mannered rabbit, a manipulative cat and unstable party host. No wonder she gives little thought to ingesting the contents of unmarked containers and poisonous plants, despite their unpleasant effects on her size. Could this reckless dream behavior stem from real-life ignorance? Sounds like Alice could use some help from a licensed school nurse. A school nurse would have taught Alice proper protocols for handling suspicious food and alternate methods for coping with stress. These changes to Alice’s routine might have resulted in a shorter stay in Wonderland or eliminated violent dreams from her subconscious altogether.

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