3 Reasons to Move to Central New York for a Nursing Program

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One of the benefits of Utica’s accelerated nursing program in New York is the ability to finish a four-year nursing curriculum in 16 months. However, while theory courses are hosted online, the program requires a lot of face time to be successful. If you live more than 60 to 75 miles away from our accelerated nursing site in Syracuse, we recommend relocating to maximize your success in school.

Here are 3 reasons why it makes sense to relocate:

1. Several parts of the program must be completed in person.

Professional and bedside nursing skills can't be learned completely online. Student nurses need constant practice to feel at home in a clinical environment and master their technique with guidance from practicing RNs. Our Accelerated Second Degree Nursing Program in Central New York combines online theory classes with simulation lab practice and clinical experiences in Central New York to give you the experiences you need to start your career with confidence.

On-site program elements break down as follows:

On-Site Elements of Accelerated Nursing Program in New York

For clinical placements, it's important to remember that "on-site" refers to the hospital or healthcare facility where you'll be working as a student nurse for that particular semester.

2. The location of your clinical rotation will change.

Our clinical faculty work hard to secure placements in a variety of specialties for Utica nursing students, but when it comes to scheduling, the healthcare facility calls the shots. Therefore, your assigned day and hours will change each semester based on the spots available. Shifts can start as early as 7 am or as late as 7 pm. When identifying clinical partners, we use the Syracuse site as a starting point to help students gauge the length of their commute. The closer you live to Syracuse during the 16 months you're in nursing school, the more tolerable your commute will be.

3. Central New York winters can make a commute longer than at other times of the year.

You can't control the weather, but you do have a level of control over its impact on your life. Living in close proximity to the Syracuse site maximizes your ability to get to the simulation lab, study group sessions and proctored exams quickly and easily. The last thing you want to do is miss a demonstration or arrive late for a test due to poor weather.

Nursing school is challenging. The payoff is significant, but so is the time commitment. To get the most out of your time as a nursing student, make your day-to-day life as simple as possible. Living in Syracuse, NY while you're attending our accelerated nursing program puts you in the best position to study and practice on your own terms, whenever you need to.

To learn more about relocating to Central New York for nursing school, download our free relocation guide. To make an advising appointment, call us at 866.892.6747.

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