3 Tips for a Successful Nursing Interview

3 tips for a successful nursing interview

When you graduate from our accelerated nursing program in New York and start applying to nursing positions, don’t let the fear of interviewing stop you from being yourself! At Utica College, we will support you through the entire process, from studying to becoming a nurse to landing your first job. Here are three of our tips for interviewing:

Share your passion.

“Tell me about yourself.” This is one of the most common “questions” in interviews. Interviewers will want to dig deeper into your personality. Share with them why you chose nursing and what you love about the profession. This is your biggest opportunity to sell yourself, so now’s the time to do a little bragging!  Forget about how goofy you feel and use the mirror to practice your elevator pitch about who you are. Your interviewers likely have a lot of practice in screening potential candidates, which means they will see straight through any story you make up. Be honest and open, and your natural passion for people will be apparent.

Show them you’re comfortable with change.

The more comfortable you are with change, the better you will be as a nurse. It is of no surprise to you that the medical field is constantly evolving. So will you remain stuck in your old ways? Can you think on your feet? How do you problem solve to overcome an obstacle? Don’t give interviewers a reason to question your ability to cope with change or rationally problem solve. Give them a real example of something you dealt with in nursing school, such as a challenging patient.

Do your research.

Before stepping through the door for the interview, do your research. This is well worth the 30 minutes! Know what the hospital or healthcare facility stands for and what qualities they seek in potential employees. What is it about this job that appeals to you? If you are truly interested in the position and the healthcare system, your desire for the job will clearly show.

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