Reasons to Consider Moving to Central NY for Nursing School

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Are you considering nursing programs in New York? No shortage of great options exist in the state for sure, but not all are in the city. You may be surprised to find many great options in Central New York, especially if you’re interested in fast-tracking your career change with an accelerated nursing program.

One of them is Utica College’s Accelerated Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing (ABSN) program in Syracuse, New York, a four-hour drive from New York City.

Moving to Central NY for nursing school may seem like a bit of a trek — and culture shock — especially if you’re used to the fast pace of the city. But relocating to the Syracuse-Liverpool area for nursing school has its advantages.

Read on to learn why you should consider moving to Central NY for nursing school.

1. The Cost of Living Here is Reasonable

sample page from the Utica College relocation guide
A sample page from the Utica College Relocation Guide.

Like the rest of the region, the Syracuse metro area is affordable and convenient. That’s why it’s the perfect destination for nursing students on a budget, especially when it comes to housing compared to New York City.

On an index of 100, the average cost of living in Syracuse is 83, meaning it’s about 17 percent cheaper to live here compared to the rest of the country, based on research from Sperling’s Best Places.

2. You Can Fast-track Your Nursing Degree Here

Why wait to start your nursing journey when you’re ready to become a nurse now? Because Utica College’s accelerated nursing program, called UticaABSN, is a 16-month program, offers three start dates per year and has a rolling admissions process, we currently have no waitlist for admission for qualified applicants.

Don’t have all your nursing school prerequisite courses completed? No worries! Our dedicated team of admission representatives can help you determine if you qualify for early admission through our Prerequisite Priority (PREP) program.

3. It’s a Great Place to Focus on Your Education…

No doubt, accelerated nursing school is a grind no matter where you choose to pursue your B.S. in Nursing. We’re not saying you won’t have time to do anything else but study while continuing your education, but choosing an ABSN program in a locale a bit removed from busy city life has its benefits.

That’s something that stuck out to UticaABSN alumna Jill, who before nursing school studied education and coached Division I ice hockey at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island.

For her, Syracuse offered just the right mix of entertainment and dining venues, outdoor areas for hiking and places to take in local sporting events when she needed a break from her studies.

4. …But There’s Still Plenty to Do Here to Unwind

Of course, your time as a nursing student won’t be all work and no play. The Utica College ABSN program site in Syracuse boasts pockets of historical charm in the form of restored downtown districts and modern shopping hotspots, dining options and cultural attractions, so you’ll have plenty of places to relax.

While you admittedly won’t have a lot of free time while enrolled in our ABSN program, here are some recommendations of local attractions to visit for a study break:

  • Onondaga Lake Park, dubbed “The Central Park of Central New York.” It includes a dog park, 16,000-square-foot skate park and a 7.5-mile linear greenway with four trails.
  • Lakeview Amphitheater, a live performance venue that stages all the national recording artists who make tour stops in town.
  • Destiny USA, the state’s largest mall that is also an indoor entertainment complex. It houses more than 250 stores, a hotel, world-class restaurants and the world’s largest suspended ropes course.
  • Armory Square, once the city’s warehouse district that today features specialty restaurants, boutique shops and hip entertainment venues.

5. You’ll Have Plenty of Support Before (and After) Relocating Here

UticaABSN’s blended curriculum involves both online and on-site components, which means if you’re not already local to the Syracuse-Liverpool area, part of your nursing journey will involve moving to central NY.

We understand making the decision to change careers to nursing AND relocating to do so can seem stressful. That’s why we make available a set of relocation resources, including a free relocation guide for those unfamiliar with the Syracuse-Liverpool area.

Outlined in this guide you’ll find more information about local resources that can help make moving to central NY as stress-free as possible, including a list of apartments in the area that offer 16-month leases to keep you from worrying about renewing your lease after 12 months or paying month-to-month fees.

6. You’ll Be Part of a Tight-Knit Nursing Community

Just as the ‘80s sitcom “Cheers” theme song proclaims, everyone in the Utica ABSN program really will know your name. Take UticaABSN alumnus Lester’s experience as an example.

He enrolled as a second-degree student after attending a larger four-year university. Since nursing was a new venture for him, he sought an ABSN program with a supportive environment to help him navigate his nursing journey. He found one at Utica College’s ABSN learning site in Syracuse.

“I went to a bigger school before where you’d go to a professor’s office hours only to find they’re completely booked. I didn’t feel like I had a connection with them. I wanted to go to a nursing school where I could have relationships with professors, instructors and friends,” Lester says. “Utica College has a small ABSN program. I know mostly everybody here.”

7. You’ll Experience Many Diverse Clinical Settings

As an ABSN student at our Syracuse ABSN program site, you’ll hone your nursing skills in a variety of patient care settings thanks to our clinical ties to top healthcare facilities in and around the Syracuse-Liverpool area. We can’t guarantee when or where your clinical rotations will take place, but in the past students have completed their practice hours at:

  • Crouse Hospital
  • Loretto Healthcare Facilities
  • Faxton St. Luke’s Healthcare
  • SUNY Upstate Medical University
  • Faxton St. Luke’s Home
  • SUNY Upstate University Hospital Community Campus
  • Hutchings Psychiatric Center
  • Syracuse Veterans Affairs Medical Center
  • Iroquois Nursing Home

8. Your Odds of Landing a Nursing Job Here Are High

The demand for your skills will be high in Central New York over the next decade. As with the rest of the nation, advancements in technology, an aging population and increasing life expectancy (at birth) are slated to drive the demand for skilled nursing jobs in Central New York over the next several years.

Not to mention the area is friendly to hiring recent nursing grads, so you’ll have a good chance of landing a job in the region once you become a licensed nurse.

Get Moving on Your Nursing Future

If you’re ready to get moving on your future career as a nurse, moving to central NY may make sense for you. Our dedicated admission representatives can help you navigate the process of applying to the Utica College ABSN program in Syracuse — reach out to one today to get started.

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