Can I Earn a B.S. in Nursing Without Being an RN?

Can I Earn a B.S. in Nursing Without Being an RN

If you’re considering a transition from your current career or field of study to become a nurse, you’re likely already well-versed on the merits of earning a bachelor’s of science in nursing. But you may still be wondering: Can I get a B.S. in Nursing without being an RN?

The answer is simple: Yes, no matter your age or where your career or education has taken you to this point, you can get a B.S. in Nursing without being an RN. To qualify for admission to the Utica College Accelerated Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing (ABSN) program, for example, you must have completed at least 65 credits from a regionally accredited college or university — no prior nursing experience required.

Your next questions likely center on the logistics of how to make it happen. If you’re looking to change careers or educational paths, an accelerated B.S. in Nursing program like the one offered through Utica College may be what you’re looking for.

Its primary advantage is that it allows you to use prior college credit toward a degree so you can earn your B.S. in Nursing in an accelerated manner — and ultimately return to the workforce quickly. Simply put: We have the seats and support available, you put in the work to be successful when and where it’s most convenient for you.

What else makes the Utica ABSN program an accessible option for prospective students interested in a transition to nursing? We outline a handful of ways below.

Multiple Start Dates

UticaABSN student studying

We designed Utica’s ABSN program to meet the growing demand for quality nursing education and fit the needs of healthcare providers. That’s why we offer three start dates per year — in January, May, and August — and currently have seats available. That means you can start classes when you’re ready, not just when there’s an opening.

Kathryn, ABSN Class of August 2019, chose to enroll in the Utica ABSN program in Syracuse because she already had four years of undergrad education under her belt. She didn’t want to wait any longer to start her new nursing career.

“I was able to start right away in May rather than wait for a spring semester or fall start. Many programs only have that fall start,” she says.

Three Locations

Utica’s ABSN program launched in Syracuse, New York, in 2013 as a satellite location to the main campus. Our hybrid learning model proved so successful that we launched more satellite locations in St. Petersburg in 2014 and Miramar, Florida, in 2018 to help address the nursing shortage there.

With these three locations, we make our quality ABSN curriculum more accessible to more qualified students and increase the number of practice-ready nurses with the skills healthcare employers are looking for.

“Utica College is a reputable college in New York. … Understanding that this college had an ABSN program in three locations, I knew this was the first thing I wanted to get involved in,” says Jessica, ABSN Class of December 2019.

No Waitlist

Students enrolled in UticaABSN work together to learnTraditional, four-year BSN programs generally lack enough seats to meet student demand because they only have the ability to offer one start date per year. The result? Many would-be great nurses wind up on a waitlist. With an ABSN program that uses hybrid learning and multiple start dates per year, like the one Utica College offers, students get the same education – including crucial clinical hours – but can complete their nursing degree in as few as 16 months. For these reasons, we have seats available now.

Online ABSN Prerequisites

The rigors of nursing school demand you have a strong aptitude in science and biology. Don’t worry if you lack a science background — we require all UticaABSN students to complete a series of six general and natural science-based prerequisite courses.

Even with our prerequisite course requirements, many go from student nurse to professional nurse within two years because we offer such an accessible way for students to complete them.

Through Utica’s Prerequisite Priority (PREP) program, you can take your prerequisite courses online in a matter of weeks. PREP courses are available 100% online in an accelerated format so you can take them whenever and wherever works best for you, provided you still meet course deadlines and pass within the minimum grade requirement.

An added benefit of completing your prerequisites through PREP? Doing so grants you provisional acceptance into our ABSN program — no more stressing over when you’ll find out if you got into nursing school!

That’s partly why Jessica completed her remaining prerequisite courses through Utica’s PREP program.

“I never took Lifespan Development Psychology, but Utica offered it online. I got familiar with the program before going into it, which was a huge plus for me because I felt like I had a little up on everyone,” she says.

Online-based Nursing Education

At Utica College, we understand not everyone has the time or desire to sit in a physical classroom for several hours each day. Our dynamic e-Learning platform allows students to complete their nursing theory courses anytime, anywhere.

Nursing student works with manikinWhile you still have to adhere to assignment deadlines and attend on-site labs, the flexibility of studying when works best for you makes online-based education an ideal option for many busy adults.

Even though the online portion of the curriculum isn’t in a classroom, Lester, ABSN Class of August 2017, appreciated that he still had the support of his instructors and classmates through chat rooms, email and other forms of communication.

“They really help you. It’s not something where you go and you are on your own,” he says.

Supportive Admissions Representatives

The Utica ABSN program’s accessibility isn’t limited to its format, location, and calendar. Our admissions representatives make themselves available as soon as your first inquiry into the program. In fact, it’s their job to answer your questions and help you determine if the Utica ABSN program is a match for your personal and professional goals.

If it is, he or she will help you navigate the entire admissions process — all the way from determining what prerequisites (if any) you need to complete and when to begin on your target date to helping you gather materials for and submit your accelerated nursing school application.

“If you’re questioning it, reach out and explore what your options are. If it is a fit for you, they have a lot of good resources,” says Eddie, ABSN Class of December 2019. “Make that first step to reach out, meet with a representative and get your answers. They help you along the way.”

Whenever you’re ready to transition to nursing, we’re here for you. It all begins when you reach out to an admissions representative to request more information. Contact us today to get started!

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