Infographic: Timeline for a Hospital Clinical Rotation Shift

At Utica College Nursing, hands-on clinical experience is essential in preparing for a successful career as a nurse. That's why students in our Accelerated Second Degree Nursing Program complete clinical rotations with hospital and healthcare partners in central New York during their entire 16 months in the program. Working and learning in real-life clinical settings prepares you to enter the field with firsthand patient care experience that can help you begin your RN career with confidence after graduation.

Nobody questions the value of gaining clinical experience, but not everyone understands what's involved. What does a clinical rotation look like? We've created the following infographic to answer that question. The Hospital Clinical Rotations Timeline maps out a typical six-hour hospital shift, complete with examples of what you might be asked to do and when.

hospital clinical rotations - Infographic

The information presented here is for reference purposes only; actual tasks and times will vary per shift, per patient and per semester. Also note that students stay in close contact with clinical instructors throughout their shifts to demonstrate competency in various skills and perform duties under supervision as necessary.

Obtaining hands-on clinical experience is one of the most exciting parts of earning a bachelor's degree in nursing! If you're ready to take the next step toward a career as a nurse, complete our contact form.

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