Utica ABSN Gives Athlete a Second Chance to Pursue a Career in Nursing

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Utica ABSN Gives Athlete a Second Chance to Pursue a Career in Nursing - Triple Jumper lands in nursing school

Being a student in an accelerated nursing program is like a runner trying to sprint up a steep hill. A metaphor no one probably understands better than Wisdom, a track and field athlete turned ABSN student. See how the Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing program at Utica College is giving him a second chance to pursue a career in nursing.

Even though his goal was to become a nurse, Wisdom went to Florida International University (FIU) and studied sports and fitness. It’s not because the university didn’t have a nursing school. It’s because he was a triple jump athlete for the university.

College athletes spend a lot of time training, which makes it virtually impossible for them to keep up with the high demands of nursing school. Wisdom was no exception. He did, however, choose his degree based on the fact that it allowed him to complete the elective courses for nursing.

After graduating from FIU, Wisdom still had his sights set on becoming a nurse — only he didn’t want to spend four more years in school to earn a second bachelor’s degree in nursing. So, the fact that our ABSN program is 16 months really piqued his interest.

“The accelerated aspect of the program was key for me,” he said. “I also liked the small class sizes and the one-on-one attention students received from faculty.”

Wisdom also noted that he had been applying to other programs, but our admission team made him feel the most comfortable. “My admission representative at Utica College went out of her way to help me through the process.” At one point, he wasn’t sure if he would be able to secure a student loan, but the support he received from his admission representative encouraged him to try harder.

Wisdom - ABSN Program student - Class of December 2019

Slated to graduate in December from our South Florida (Miramar) location, Wisdom advises others entering into our accelerated nursing program to “stay on top of things and don’t procrastinate.” He also mentioned that while there’s a lot to be learned, our faculty and staff members are very friendly and always willing to offer their support. Wisdom - ABSN Program student - Class of December 2019

While Wisdom isn’t leaning toward a specific area of nursing practice at the moment, he does appreciate the challenges and growth opportunities available through the occupation. “I feel like there’s no other profession that puts you in a place where you can veer off and do so many different things.”

The Hop, Step and Jump Effect
In case you didn’t know, the triple jump is a dynamic track and field event that starts with a run followed by three consecutive phases: the hop, step and jump. Research shows that triple jumpers have stronger bones than most people. It’s because their thigh and shin bones become thicker and denser to be able to withstand the huge forces endured during an event.

Your Accelerated Path to Nursing

Our ABSN program leverages your non-nursing college experience so that it becomes possible to earn a quality Bachelor of Science in Nursing in as few as 16 months.

Bear in mind, you must also satisfy a series of general and natural science-based prerequisite courses before entering the program. Your admission representative will let you know where you stand in terms of meeting these requirements. Then, he or she will help you develop an academic completion plan that targets your preferred start date in the program.

It’s worth noting that when you complete your ABSN prerequisites through our 100% online PREP program, you receive provisional admission into our nursing school. This means you don’t have to wait for an admission decision. You are a Utica College nursing student with a guaranteed spot in our ABSN program for your target start date (all of which is contingent upon meeting the requirements).

Once admitted into our ABSN program, you’ll transition from working with your admission representative to working with an academic success coach. Your success coach will be there to advocate for you and help you navigate any questions or concerns that come up during the 16-month program.

As a full-time student in our four-semester ABSN program, you’ll complete a three-part hybrid curriculum that consists of online coursework, hands-on nursing labs and in-person clinical rotations.

Utica ABSN students in a skills lab

By the time you graduate from our ABSN program, you’ll have the wherewithal to sit for the NCLEX-RN® exam and enter the profession with confidence. More specifically, you’ll be able to:

  • Provide competent, compassionate care to diverse patient populations.
  • Work as part of a healthcare team to improve patient outcomes.
  • Incorporate ethics and legal standards into nursing practice.
  • Apply leadership in the provision of patient-centered care.

ABSN Curriculum at a Glance
When it comes to our ABSN curriculum, you should plan on spending between 40 and 60 hours a week on your education.

  • Online courses teach you the fundamentals and theories of the nursing profession.
  • Nursing labs with faculty develop your hands-on nursing skills and clinical judgment.
  • Clinical rotations provide you with real-world experience in diverse practice areas.

ABSN Program Options

Utica College has three ABSN program locations, each one having three start dates a year. Take note that our admission requirements vary slightly by location.

Program LocationsStart DatesMin. Admission Requirements
Syracuse, New YorkJanuary, May, AugustNon-nursing Bachelor’s Degree
St. Petersburg, FloridaJanuary, May, August65 College Credits
Miramar, FloridaJanuary, May, August65 College Credits
Utica College ABSN Program Site in Miramar, Florida
Utica College ABSN Program Site in Miramar, Florida

Ready to Pursue a Career in Nursing?

If you think you have what it takes to enroll at one of our ABSN program locations, here are the five main steps of the admission process.

  1. Confirm your program eligibility with an admission representative.
  2. Create an academic plan with the help of your admission representative.
  3. Complete all prerequisite courses within the specified requirements.
  4. Upload the required materials/information to the online application portal.
  5. Have your admission representative review your application before hitting submit.

To get started, contact our admission team today!

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