Student Spotlight: Sarah’s Nursing School Journey

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I didn’t want to waste any more time.

Pursuing her first degree in athletic training left Sarah wanting more. Her strong interest in trauma and working with people led her to earn her Bachelor of Science in Nursing. After graduation, Sarah sought out an accelerated nursing program that would allow her to utilize her previous degree. That’s when she found Utica College’s accelerated nursing program in Florida.

Utica ABSN student, Sarah

Why Utica College?

“Anytime I did a search for accelerated programs, Utica always popped up.”

Sarah had been applying to a few other programs in Florida when she discovered the accelerated nursing program in St. Petersburg.

“I knew I would be closer to family, and with attending the military afterward I was like, enjoy family time while you can,” she says.

After graduation, and finding the right type of program and timeframe, she had no problem in completing her prerequisites prior to the program.

“Luckily, with athletic training, I had taken a ton of anatomy, physiology, micro, and chemistry,” she says. “I just had developmental psychology classes and a few other chemistry classes, but it wasn’t bad. I just took night classes, worked full time, and had the mindset that I would be moving somewhere else.”

Why Nursing?

“I decided I wanted to do something trauma related.”

Sarah’s desire to work in a fast-paced environment led her to pursue a career in nursing. “I definitely did really well with the trauma aspect of athletic training, and I thought to myself, I should just do this all the time,” she says.

Sarah has always wanted to join the Navy. She believes that a degree in nursing will help her succeed in the military, upon graduation from nursing school.

Friendly Admissions Process

“My admissions representative made it so easy.”

Sarah’s biggest concern before entering the program was the length and the price. “I’d gotten into some other schools where the length of the program was fine, but the price was just ridiculous, so this was definitely doable,” she says.

Sarah enjoyed speaking with her admissions representative. “She was super friendly and made herself very available,” she says. “She would call me once a week to check in, I really liked that.”

Online Coursework Experience

“The first week is always a little daunting and you’re like, ‘oh my gosh!’ But, it’s doable.”

Sarah’s go-getter personality allows her to work during the day while completing her online nursing coursework at night. “You have to be disciplined though, for sure,” she says. “You have to stay on top of your work, it is so easy to get stuck behind.”

Right from the start, Sarah developed great relationships with faculty. “I loved my pathology professor, Donna Gregory. She made herself available and in reach 24/7,” she says.

Advice for Future Nursing Students

You just have to stay on top of it, it takes a lot of discipline. This is definitely not a nursing program for the weak, and it will weed you out if you allow it to. You have to be willing to make sacrifices, but it’s only 16 months.”

Are you Ready?

To learn more about Utica College’s accelerated nursing program, contact us today. A dedicated admissions representative can help you create a plan to get you on the right path to becoming a nurse.

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