The Importance of a BSN

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Why should you earn a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN)? The answer is simple: All signs point to the BSN being a ticket to healthcare success. Here are a few reasons that earning your bachelor’s degree in nursing is a worthwhile investment:

Changing Standards

The Institute of Medicine has called for increasing the number of nurses holding bachelor’s degrees to 80% by 2020. That means the best opportunities will go to nurses who have made the investment to become baccalaureate-prepared.


Better Patient Care

Nurses want to take care of their patients the best way possible. Research shows that nurses who have a bachelor’s degree deliver more consistent patient care. Studies find that nurses with more formal education have fewer medication errors and more happy patients.

Career Growth Opportunities

There is a lot of room to move up in the nursing world. A bachelor’s degree is usually required for management positions and is the first step toward earning a master’s degree, which can lead to even more career growth. Those looking to lead teams, teach and move up in healthcare settings benefit from having their BSN.

The best part is that a BSN doesn’t have to take years to earn. You can complete a bachelor’s degree in nursing from Utica College through our new Accelerated Second Degree Nursing Program. To learn more, call 866.892.6747.

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