Is Nursing Right for You? 8 Traits of a Nurse

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Nursing is a demanding job with high stakes. As such, there are certain traits of a nurse that aid success in the field. Learn if this is the right path for you by reading these eight qualities of a good nurse and how Utica University can help you.

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There are any number of reasons that you might be interested in nursing. Maybe you’re looking to make a difference in a rewarding career? Perhaps you also want the opportunity to learn, grow and advance. Every day, professionals feel called to the field and consider making a change to nursing.

Whatever fuels your choice to become a nurse, there are certain qualities of a good nurse that you should consider before committing to a nursing program. If you possess these traits of a nurse and are passionate about helping people as a healthcare worker, the Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) program and Transfer BSN program at Utica University are excellent ways to achieve your goals.

What Attracts Students to an Accelerated Second Degree in Nursing?

So many of Utica University’s students go back to school because they feel as though something is missing in their lives. They want to make a difference and may not be getting a high level of satisfaction from the career they entered after their first bachelor’s degree or in their current degree path.

Sometimes the first career choice doesn't work out the way we intended. Maybe the job market isn't there or the field is too competitive. Maybe you start working and realize the field isn't for you. But you've already spent four years (or more) earning a bachelor's degree and going back for another four years isn't an option. This is why the Utica University Accelerated BSN program and Transfer BSN program are much more appealing. They allow students to return to school for 16 months and graduate with a B.S. in Nursing.

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Traits of a Quality Nurse

Nursing is a demanding but honorable career. This means that it takes a particular type of person to be successful in the field. Now that you have a better understanding of Utica University’s Accelerated BSN program and Transfer BSN program and who they are designed for, here are eight nursing traits to help you make your decision to become a nurse.

1. Selflessness

Because nursing can be demanding, the call you feel to become a nurse is a selfless one. Working as a nurse can require odd hours and long shifts. You may often have emotional shifts, challenging patients, and testing moments. The altruistic desire you have to become a nurse comes from a deep sense of obligation to help others, no matter what.

2. Servant Leadership

Nursing is not always a glamorous job. Nurses make a huge impact on their patients, and sometimes it’s as simple as holding someone’s hand and helping them relax before surgery. Either way, it’s satisfying to know being someone’s nurse has positively impacted their life. If you have the desire to lead by helping others in difficult and painful situations, you can add servant leadership to your list of nursing qualities.

3. Commitment

You’ve already worked hard and received a bachelor’s degree or are working toward one. You know the late hours, early mornings, and hard work it takes. Making the decision to go back to school takes commitment to your dream of becoming a nurse. This won’t end when you graduate either. Nurses work long, strenuous hours. If you pursue nursing, you should be certain that you have the commitment to carry you through the profession’s challenges.

4. Critical Thinking

In your nursing career, you will face a wide array of problems on a daily basis. You might work in a critical care unit, or you might work a quiet primary care office. Either way, you will be analyzing issues constantly. This will require high levels of critical thinking to gather all possible information and make a decision without hesitating or second-guessing. This contributes to ensuring the best possible outcome for your patients.

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5. Good Under Pressure

Nursing is a high-stress job; there is no way around it. Patients' lives are in your capable hands, which means that you must be able to respond appropriately in emergencies. Nurses think clearly, no matter the urgency of the situation, so they can give the best care possible. Confidence comes with practice, but you should be sure that you will be able to think clearly in stressful situations.

6. Clear Communication

Nurses are constantly communicating. They are responsible for providing information to patients and their families, and doing so in a way that makes sense. You have to be able to translate medical jargon into language that is understandable and helpful for those not in the medical field. Nurses also communicate information with one another and to doctors. This information must be accurate as the patient’s wellness depends on it.

7. Team Player

The healthcare field is a team effort. Nurses work alongside other nurses, doctors, specialists, orderlies, and more. Each position holds its own responsibilities but cannot operate properly without the support of others. In addition, decisions about patient care are often made as a team. To be successful in a team requires humility and a willingness to listen first. The goal is not personal recognition, but rather the best outcome for the patients and the team.

8. Driven

Becoming a nurse will take a lot of hard work. Nursing is a difficult job, and nursing school is equally challenging. For many people, burnout is a risk of this field. To become a nurse, you must be driven to keep pushing when it matters. You will also need to learn to pace yourself to sustain this motivation throughout your long and successful career.

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How Utica Prepares You for Success

If these traits of a nurse sound like you, then Utica University’s Accelerated BSN program or Transfer BSN program in New York are where you’ll find others just like you. Our students are among those who are seeking satisfying work in a rewarding field.

Through our hybrid program, you can enter the nursing field in as few as 16 months. While in nursing school, you will gain experience through online coursework, in-person labs, and clinicals that help develop your strengths as a nurse and prepare you for your future.

Are you interested in becoming a nurse? Contact us to speak with a personalized advisory today.

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