What does an online course for Utica’s ABSN program look like?

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Many of the students who enter our accelerated nursing program in New York have never taken online classes before. Here's a peek at what to expect when you take a look at your first online course.

Introductions and Assignments:

Course Intro and Assignments Page

One of the great things you will love about the online nursing courses offered by Utica College is how well the courses are laid out and organized! Every course begins with an introduction and assignments module. This module will include the basic outline of your course and your online nursing course assignments.

About Your Professor Page:

About the Professor

This page will contain your instructor's name, contact information, the best way he or she can be reached and his or her image and bio. In addition to getting to know your professor, you will create an Angel profile so your instructors and peers can get to know you!

Assignment Due Dates Handout:

Assignment due dates handout

The assignment due dates handout gives you an overview of your homework assignments, discussions, exams and quizzes throughout your course. The great news is the workload is balanced throughout all courses, meaning you will not be overloaded in one given week.

Module Discussions and Grading Rubric:


What sets this online nursing program apart from others is the organization and consistency. You will find this in the module discussions. All initial discussion postings are due on Wednesdays at 11:59 pm and reply posts by Fridays at 11:59 pm in every course. Module discussions also have a grading rubric attached that you can view before posting your post.

Quizzes and Exams:

To keep things consistent in your online nursing courses, all quizzes are online and open from Friday through Monday to allow for flexibility in your busy schedule. Take the quiz when you choose, whether it's 9 am or 2 am. Your assignment due dates handout will let you know which modules are covered on each quiz.Exams are proctored at the Syracuse site in the computer lab. Testing schedules will be located in a communication course and maintained by the site staff.

 Lecture Materials:


In your online nursing course, you will find interactive lectures, PowerPoints and mp3s for download. You can stop, pause and re-listen to your lectures on your own time. In addition, you have the option to download the mp3 and listen to the lectures on the go!

Learning Activities:

Each online nursing course will contain a variety of learning activities geared toward the subject of study. This gives you a chance to test your knowledge on the topic. Below are examples of some of the learning activities.

online nursing course dosage learning activity
online nursing course learning activity

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