Utica ABSN Program Sites

Our ABSN program sites near Tampa Bay and Fort Lauderdale make it convenient to access a quality nursing education in Florida. With three program starts a year at both locations, you can use your previous college experience to get moving on a nursing degree as soon as possible.

As a Utica ABSN student, you can expect to spend a few days a week at our campus in St. Petersburg or Miramar, depending on your location of enrollment. You and members of your cohort will complete the hands-on learning component of the program at one of these sites.

Two Locations, More Opportunity

Classes to begin at the Miramar ABSN site August 2018.

Tampa Bay Area

Miami-Fort Lauderdale

9400 4th Street North, Suite 100 St. Petersburg, FL 337023601 Southwest 160th Ave, Suite 300, Miramar, FL 33027

Contact us to determine which of our Utica

ABSN program sites in Florida best fit your needs.