ABSN Clinical Rotations throughout Central New York

Clinical rotations are a critical learning component of nursing school, allowing students to apply their theoretical knowledge and clinical skills in the real world. When it comes to our second degree accelerated nursing program, you will get started on your ABSN clinicals during the first semester. And, as you progress through the program so will your level of clinical practice.

At the start of your clinicals, for example, you will probably look up every medical term, patient diagnosis, and medication type. Later on, your efforts will evolve into performing in-depth research on a specific medical diagnosis and treatment.

Over the span of 16-months, you will complete 588 hours of clinical practice at different healthcare facilities in Central New York. Under the supervision of a licensed preceptor/clinical instructor, you will assist in the safe, ethical delivery of patient care in specialty areas that include:

  • Adult Health
  • Obstetrics and Pediatrics
  • Acute and Long-term Care
  • Mental and Behavioral Health