Utica College gave me the opportunity to fulfill my dreams of becoming a nurse.


His Nursing School Journey

For Evens T., helping people is what has always been in his heart. It’s that calling that led him to want to turn his non-nursing bachelor’s degree into a future in nursing. He found the perfect program to allow him to achieve his dream at Utica College. That is where his nursing school journey begins.

  Evens's Nursing Journey

  Why Nursing?

“I feel I was born to help people.”

Evens says he has always had a calling to help people, but he didn’t know the best way to turn that into a career right away.

After earning a bachelor’s degree in a non-nursing field and gaining some experience in a hospital setting, Evens decided to pursue a career in nursing.

“I’m passionate about nursing because I feel I was born to help people,” he says. “I always had a calling for that. No matter the person, no matter the situation, I feel if I can do something to help, I will.”

  Why Utica College?

“Utica College gave me the opportunity to fulfill my dreams of becoming a nurse.”

Since he already had a degree, and some experience working in a hospital, Evens decided to start pursuing a BS in Nursing, but finding the right nursing school was tougher than he thought.

He applied to different schools, but they didn’t work out either because of the admissions hurdles or because the programs were too long in length. But then he found Utica College’s ABSN program.

“I chose Utica College’s program because I wanted a fast option but also a quality school,” he says. “Utica College gave me the opportunity to fulfill my dreams of becoming a nurse.”

  Online Learning

“I really enjoy the hybrid program.”

Evens was also was attracted to the ABSN program because of the online aspect combined with the hands-on experience he couldn’t find at other schools.

“I really enjoy the hybrid program because it’s online and it’s on campus plus we have clinical rotations at the hospital,” he says.

That combination has made Evens much more comfortable with the important information he’s learning. Because he not only learns about it online, but he gets to put his coursework into action during labs.

“What I read in my online coursework, I get to experience in person during our skills labs,” he says. “Professors make sure the skills that I’m supposed to know, like checking a patient’s blood pressure, are done correctly.”

  Advice for Future Students

“Yes, the program is intense and requires a lot of work. But in 16 months, you can become a nurse. If you feel it in you then you have what it takes.  Better seize the opportunity to be a nurse now while you have the time.” 

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