I was looking for a program that would give me the most hands-on experience possible.


Her Nursing School Journey

Sarah’s interest in the way the human body works led her to a degree in kinesiology with a biology minor. But she knew she had more to offer. She decided a career in nursing would challenge her and allow her to make a difference in patients’ lives. With the help of her mother, Sarah found an accelerated nursing program that allowed her to earn a higher level of nursing education. That’s where her nursing school journey at Utica College in New York began.

  Sarah's Nursing Journey

  Why Nursing?

“I want to feel like I’m making a difference in peoples’ lives.”

Nursing had always been a career path Sarah considered, especially growing up around her mother who was a nurse. Her mom taught her how fulfilling it can be to help patients and make a difference in their lives.

“My mom was one of my biggest inspirations to pursue nursing,” she says. “She has shown me that nursing isn’t just helping doctors or treating patients physically, it’s also about caring for them mentally and emotionally.”

She also saw how exciting and new everyday was for mother. That challenge intrigued Sarah.

“I also love nursing because it’s never the same from one day to the next. I would learn something new every day,” she says.

  Searching for the Right School

“I wanted to receive a higher level of nursing education.”

sarah-muth-Utica-College-ABSN-storyAfter Sarah graduated from her first undergraduate program with a degree in kinesiology, she was eager to continue her education and become an RN. So she began searching for the right nursing school for her.

“I already had a bachelor’s degree, and I knew most hospitals would prefer an applicant who holds a BS in Nursing rather than an associate’s degree in nursing,” she says. “Not only did I want an edge for employment, but I also wanted to receive a higher level of nursing education so I would feel well prepared and confident to take care of my future patients.”

After talking to her mother, she learned an accelerated second degree nursing program would be best for her.

  Why Utica College?

“I choose Utica College because they offered the best course to completing a BS in Nursing.”

Once Sarah knew the educational avenue she wanted to take, she found the ABSN program at Utica College.

“I chose Utica College because they offered the best course to completing a bachelor of science in nursing in a short period of time,” she says. “A big deciding factor was the amount of clinical and skills hours the college offered. Since most accelerated programs are, on average, a year to two years, I was looking for a program that would give me the most hands-on experience possible while finishing my degree quickly.”

That’s when she took her first step and called an admissions representative.

  Welcoming Admissions Process

“They were nothing but welcoming and happy to know I took interest in becoming a nurse.”

The first phone call to find out more about Utica College’s accelerated nursing program was extremely helpful to Sarah.

“When I contacted the college to find out more information about their program, they were nothing but welcoming and happy to know I took interest in becoming a nurse,” she says. “They sent me information about all aspects of the program, from courses to relocating.”

It was the continuous communication and help from Utica College’s admissions representative that made Sarah confident in her decision to become a nurse.

“My admissions representative contacted me just about every week to answer any questions through the admissions process and help me figure out my relocations details,” she says.

  Advice for Future Nursing Students

If nursing is a career you are passionate about, then pursue it. Nursing has the potential to be an extremely rewarding profession. Any nursing program is going to be tough, but if you have the desire and strong will to become a nurse, you will be able to get through it.

Just like any other profession, you should take the time to research and explore the different fields that nursing has to offer. Once you find a few options that interest you, try and find the time to shadow a nurse in your chosen different fields. Also, reach out to nurses that you come in contact with and ask them about the profession and why they chose nursing.

  Are you ready? The first step toward becoming a nurse starts here.

To learn more about Utica College’s accelerated nursing program, contact us today. A dedicated admissions representative can help you create a plan to get you on the right path to becoming a nurse.

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