Utica ABSN Academic Success Coaches

Student success is our top priority at Utica University, which is why we provide our accelerated nursing students with the personalized attention you need, from acceptance to graduation.

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Our students have the opportunity to work one-on-one with a Success Coach before the program even begins. The relationship starts to build once you are accepted into the program, and continues to grow throughout the program’s 16 months.

You can access your Success Coach through a phone call or in-person to talk about any issues – academic, professional, or personal.

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Academic Resources: Success Coaches

Our resources include:

  • Integration into the program: Success Coaches will ensure you receive the proper orientation and are introduced to faculty and have access to current students.
  • Peer Tutoring: If you are struggling with the subject matter, your Success Coach will help you coordinate tutor sessions with one of your peers.
  • Chats and Course Reviews: Engagement is imperative to your success. That’s why our Success Coaches can help keep you focused.
  • Study Groups: Success Coaches are available to help coordinate study groups and check in to make sure these resources are meeting your expectations.
  • Course Management Plans: You can lean on your Success Coach to help you make a plan so you can best manage your time and assignments for each of your courses.
  • Test Prep: Kaplan testing and other relevant resources are available so you can practice for the NCLEX exam throughout the program.
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Besides academic resources, your Success Coach also acts as your sounding board for non-academic issues. From stress to time management, to personal issues – you can turn to your success coach and they will help you navigate just about any obstacle so you are able to continue on your path toward earning a B.S. in Nursing.

Contact an admissions representative for more information about our success coaches.

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