5 Traits of a Second Degree Nursing Student in New York

If you’re interested in getting a second degree in nursing, then you’ve probably either just finished your first bachelor’s degree or you’ve been out working in your degree’s field for a few years. Maybe you started a job somewhere to pay the bills or you’ve been pushing on in your job for many years thinking you’ll grow to like it. Either way, the main reason you’re checking out this blog is that you haven’t found your career just yet and you’re looking for something more meaningful and fulfilling.


Maybe you’re looking for a reason to get out of bed? Or you want to make a difference in a rewarding career? Every day, professionals are looking into becoming a nurse because they are being called to the field. These individuals often share some common personality characteristics (responsible, empathetic, ethical, motivated, etc) and common demographics (age, gender, previous degrees, etc) and some .

We have taken this a step further. Based on our observations of the incoming class of second-degree nursing students, the following characteristics are also evident.

Traits of a Second Degree Nursing Student

  1. Contemporary. A traditional college student will finish school in four years, graduate and find a job that will turn into their career. But not you. You’re first bachelor’s degree is not working out the way your originally anticipated. As an online, accelerated nursing student, you’re contemporary way of thinking is evident for two big reasons: you’re taking nursing courses online and your bachelor's degree in nursing will only take you 16 months
  2. Realistic. You’ve realized you’re not happy in your current situation and nothing is going to change that. This level of awareness is not easy to achieve. It requires you to closely examine your life and yourself and truly know there is something missing. Not only that, but you know where you want to be and want you want to do with your life to make it count.
  3. Selfless. Because nursing can be a demanding career, the call you feel to become a nurse is a selfless one. Working as a nurse can require odd hours and long shifts. It can often result in emotional shifts, difficult patients and moments where inevitableness makes you feel helpless. The altruistic desire you have to become a nurse comes from a deep sense of obligation to help others, no matter what. It’s incredibly admirable.
  4. Committed. You’ve already worked hard and received a bachelor’s degree. You know the late hours, early mornings and hard work it takes. With Utica’s Accelerated Second Degree in Nursing program, you won’t have four years of it, but that doesn’t mean it will be a walk in the park. To make the decision to go back to school takes commitment to your dream of becoming a nurse.
  5. Brave. You already have a job, or at least the means of getting one. That livelihood is about to go away and you’re about to step off that path into the unknown. Bravery and courage are the only things to describe the decision you’re making. You can research and prepare yourself until you know all the facts. But actually going through with it takes real bravery. All of these characteristics will not only motivate you to along your journey to become a nurse, they will also help your nursing career. However, bravery will be especially important to hang on to.

If these characteristics sound like you, then Utica College’s Accelerated Second Degree in Nursing in New York is where you’ll find others just like you. Contact us to speak with an advisor and start your new life today!

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