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New York Nursing Program

BREAKING NEWS: As future nurse hopefuls receive admissions responses to their applications for nursing schools in New York, there have been reports of the “good news/bad news” effect sweeping the state. This affliction is most commonly seen in applicants who receive the good news that they have been accepted into their chosen program followed quickly by the bad news that they have been placed on a wait list and must postpone entering the program for anywhere from one to five years. The consequences of the good news/bad news effect can result in lost opportunity, a waste of time and money and disappointment. However, there is still hope! Pursuing your nursing degree at Utica College can reverse the good news/bad news effect and allow you to complete your nursing degree faster.

Our second degree accelerated nursing program in New York eliminates the bad news effect. Not only should you be able to start the nursing program sooner than at other programs, you will also enter the nursing workforce in only 16 months as a baccalaureate-educated and clinically competent RN!

Nursing in New York

There are many excellent reasons to become a nurse in New York, some of which we highlighted in our blog post 3 Reasons to Become a Nurse in New York. In addition to increased job opportunity at some of the nation’s top healthcare facilities, New York nurses also are paid above the national average RN salary according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics and make an average of $74,000 each year. Not only does working as a nurse in New York have its benefits, but obtaining your second degree in nursing in New York has many perks.

Studying at Utica College

If you live in New York or are considering relocating to New York for nursing school, Utica College's accelerated second degree nursing program in central New York is a great choice. To begin, Utica College is a private university with a dedicated and prestigious nursing faculty who go above and beyond for our students. The Utica College Department of Nursing has celebrated more than twenty years of successful student satisfaction, alumni achievement and employer attainment. Responses from graduate and employer surveys conducted at one-year and five-year intervals post-graduation consistently reflect nearly 100% satisfaction with Utica’s ability to educate nursing students for professional nursing practice.

Learning in Syracuse

In addition to earning a degree in nursing from an elite private institution, students in the accelerated nursing program also receive the benefits of attending a school in central New York, where the cost of living is significantly lower than in urban New York areas and New York City. Located in Syracuse, New York, students get to experience both student life at Utica College, as well as share the college experience with neighboring school Syracuse University. Relocating to central New York for nursing school proves to be a positive experience for students moving permanently and those who only relocate for the 16 months it takes to complete the program. You can learn about more reasons why relocating to central New York for nursing school is a good idea in our blog 3 Reasons to Move to Central New York for an Accelerated Nursing Program.

We offer a wide range of support to our students from their first appointment to their graduation. Being a private intuition, we strive to create the most positive experience for our future nurses. We aid in making the relocation process simpler for students, offer guidance on obtaining financial aid and our staff is always available for students who need help during any step of our program.

If you are ready to become a nurse faster and start nursing school, contact us for more information about our accelerated second degree nursing program.

The Ultimate Nursing School Admissions Checklist

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