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We're thrilled you've found our blog. Did you know you can also connect with Utica College's accelerated nursing program on various social networking sites? No matter where you like to spend your time on social media, we'd love to connect with you there.

Here's where you can find us on social media:

Twitter - We've discussed the best accounts for you to follow on Twitter. We like to bring as much nursing news and information together as we can to keep nursing students and nurses in the loop. Any suggestions for things we should share with our audience? Tweet them at us!

Facebook - Inspiration and conversation drive our Facebook page. Come join us and be one of the first alerted to news, blog posts and more. Don't hesitate to ask questions and start discussions on our Facebook page.

Google+ - Photos, event information and new content can always be found on our Google+ account. Like our other outlets, discussion is encouraged!

YouTube - We're proud of our videos and plan to add more. Come take a look and feel free to provide suggestions for videos you'd like to see!

Instagram - The newest addition to our social media family, Instagram is a great place to learn facts about nursing and get inspiration through photos.

Pinterest - Infographics, inspiration and fun make up our Pinterest account. Come share and learn! Have great content that we should pin for our Pinterest audience? Let us know!

We're proud to say that you'll soon find us on other networks as well. Keep your eyes open for a new LinkedIn account in the coming weeks. Where else would you like to see Utica College on social media?

The Ultimate Nursing School Admissions Checklist

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