5 Tips for Completing Nursing Prerequisites in Central New York

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nursing prerequisites in central new york

As you prepare to enroll in any nursing program, you’ll likely have nursing prerequisite courses to complete before beginning your baccalaureate curriculum. Prerequisites offer you an opportunity to build confidence and set yourself up for a successful foray into a nursing curriculum. While there are a number of ways to fulfill these credits, it's important to choose a program that offers the right fit for your needs as a student.

Here are 5 things to keep in mind as you choose a prerequisite program:

1. Find a program that offers all of your needed courses.

Make your life easier by choosing a program that offers you a “one-stop shop” for your prerequisite needs. For example, if you need to take Microbiology and Ethics, choose a program that offers both rather than take classes at two different institutions.

2. Confirm the credits are accepted by the school you want to attend.

You don’t want to go through the effort and expense of completing your prerequisites only to find that the nursing program you’re applying to won’t accept credit transfers from that institution. Check with your advisor before enrolling in any prerequisite course – don't assume that the credits will transfer just because the course title is the same. Many schools have strict syllabus attributes that must be met by a prerequisite course in order to be considered an equivalent.

3. Consider your timeline.

Double check the start dates and session lengths of all prerequisite programs to ensure that you can complete your courses before your target start date for nursing school. A traditional semester (16-week) course may not work if your target date is in three months. In that case, it may be best to look for accelerated or self-paced prerequisite courses.

4. Ensure that the prerequisites prepare you for nursing school.

Consider the format in which your nursing curriculum will be delivered. If the nursing program is in a classroom setting, you may search for an on-campus course. Conversely, if your nursing program is online, you may want to look for an online prerequisite option – especially if you don’t have previous experience with an online learning environment.

5. Keep your advisor informed of your grades.

The grades you receive on your prerequisites will have an impact on your overall GPA, which could then impact your admission into the nursing program of your choice. Be sure to keep in contact with your nursing school advisor about your progress through prerequisite courses, especially if you’re taking your prerequisites at a separate institution. You’ll want your advisor to be in-the-know about your progress in order to keep your application on track.

If you’re new to online learning, it may be a good idea to use your prerequisite courses as a way to prepare for Utica’s Accelerated Second Degree Nursing Program. Although Utica does not offer online prerequisites directly, we have developed a partnership that will provide you with a quick and easy way to fulfill your nursing prerequisites.

Marian's Adult Programs (MAP)

Marian University is a private Catholic university located in Indianapolis, Indiana. Through MAP, Marian offers a great option for fulfilling your nursing prerequisites – entirely online.

Learn what MAP has to offer:

  • Nearly all prerequisite courses needed for Utica’s Accelerated Second Degree Nursing Program are offered through MAP – including Ethics, which can be difficult to find elsewhere. (Exceptions are Nutrition and Sociology/Anthropology)
  • MAP courses are regionally accredited and accepted by Utica’s nursing school – this means no-hassle credit transfers to fulfill your prerequisites.
  • With accelerated 8-week sessions starting six times per year, MAP online nursing prerequisites enable you to get started with nursing school quickly.
  • The program’s convenient online courses are delivered via the ANGEL learning system, the same platform used in Utica’s accelerated nursing program.
  • Because your Utica advisor is familiar with MAP courses, he or she will be able to track your progress and confirm that the courses you're taking will fulfill all of your requirements.

If you’re interested in learning more about Utica's accelerated nursing program in New York, make an appointment by calling 866.892.6747 or filling out our contact form.

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