Avoiding Cost-of-Living Loans for Nursing School in New York

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When you begin your nursing school journey, it’s important to consider whether you are willing to relocate in order to attend the right nursing school.

Depending on where you currently live, you might find that the nursing schools around you have a long waitlist, have insurmountable admissions requirements or are very competitive, or are simply too expensive, both in terms of program cost and the additional cost-of-living expenses.

By avoiding cost-of-living loans while enrolled in nursing school, the financial stress that comes with leaving a full-time job to pursue a second degree nursing program in New York is lessened. Relocating may be the best option so you can start your nursing education and become a registered nurse sooner.

Through Utica’s Accelerated BSN program in Syracuse, New York, you are able to avoid waitlists, meet requirements, and avoid cost-of-living loans that may be necessary in other cities.

Avoiding Cost-of-Living Loans by Relocating to Syracuse

Should I Relocate for Nursing School?

Consider the Timing

First, consider whether you are willing to wait for an open spot at a local school or nursing program. Many have long waitlists or fewer start dates, both of which can delay your nursing career by many months, perhaps years.

Additionally, consider how long these nursing programs are. Can you earn your second bachelor’s degree in a timely manner, or will you have to start from the beginning and complete a four-year BSN program? If you are ready to get started on your nursing education now, you may want to consider the 16-month Accelerated BSN program at Utica College in Syracuse, New York.

Consider Costs

The most intimidating aspect of relocating can be the cost of living in a new city. It’s obvious that a dollar doesn’t stretch the same way in every city.

However, by choosing Utica’s accelerated nursing program, you can lower your expenses by relocating to a city with a much lower cost-of-living.

Avoiding Cost-of-Living Loans

The first way to avoid taking on additional loans to afford the cost-of-living after relocating for nursing school is to see how the cost-of-living compares to your current city.

Syracuse, New York, where the Accelerated BSN program is located, has a relatively low cost of living, making it an ideal place to relocate to.

Utica College Cost of Living Compared to Pennsylvania

According to PayScale, the cost of living in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is 16 percent higher than the Syracuse area.

The highest price differences are in housing, which is 44 percent more expensive in Pennsylvania than near Utica.

Utica College Cost of Living Compared to New Jersey

PayScale lists the cost of living in Newark, New Jersey as 23 percent more expensive than cost of living near Utica. Once again, housing is the most expensive price jump at a whopping 72 percent higher than housing near Utica.

Utica College Cost of Living Compared to New York City

Utica’s location in New York is not what makes it affordable. Many students may consider relocating from New York City, but are concerned about the financial drawbacks of relocating and attending the ABSN program.

However, relocating from NYC to Utica will save you plenty so you can avoid large cost-of-living loans. The cost of living in New York City is more than double that of the Syracuse area, at 112 percent.

Simply be moving to Utica for the duration of the 16-month nursing program, you will be saving money, especially in housing, which costs 362 percent more in New York City.

Woman carrying moving boxesHow do I Relocate?

So how are you supposed to get started on relocating for nursing school? First, speak to your admissions advisor. He or she can provide advice for relocating and details on how relocating to Syracuse, New York can benefit you.

You can also take a look at the Utica Nursing Relocation Guide for a physical resource to use during your research.

Why Utica College?

Besides the low cost of living, Utica's Accelerated BSN program offers many other advantages to those willing to relocate for 16 months.

Admissions and Academic Support

Through Utica's Accelerated BSN program, you will get the support you need throughout the entire nursing process to succeed, from the moment you first contact your admissions advisor to the day you graduate.

Your advisor will work with you personally to help create a personalized admissions plan, get started on your prerequisites (and be accepted as an ABSN student while completing them through the PREP program!), and offer tips, advise, and support throughout the admissions process.

Graduate with Success

Utica's Accelerated BSN program has a history of success, with a first-time NCLEX pass rate of 96 percent in 2015- much higher than the national average.

Additionally, students are prepared for success in nursing through hands-on learning in simulation labs, clinical rotations at top health care facilities, and engaging online courses. Your professors and instructors will be around to answer any and all questions as well, so you have support the entire time.

Become a Nurse Quickly

With the Accelerated BSN program, you don't have to start over in your education to earn your Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Instead, you are able to build off of your previous bachelor's degree and earn your BSN in just 16 months. You get the quality and entirety of a traditional bachelor's degree in nursing, but compressed into 16 months, so you can start your nursing career sooner.

Still have questions about how the Accelerated BSN program works? Speak to an admissions advisor today.

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