Utica College Honors Nursing Students

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Measuring a nursing student’s success goes beyond passing tests, especially in the Utica College Accelerated BSN program in the Tampa Bay area. It’s also about character, dedication, and determination.

Utica College believes those nursing students who go above and beyond deserve recognition so they have developed the ABSN St. Petersburg Student of Excellence Award. The award honors a graduate who has demonstrated exceptional and outstanding performance in multiple areas throughout his or her nursing education. That graduate, in the spring 2017 cohort, is Evens Thimote.

His instructors say they chose Evens for serveal reasons. First and foremost, he was always prepared and ready to go. He also displayed a positive attitude at all times, showed respect to the faculty, was willing to collaborate, was fully committed to doing his best at the clinical sites, and demonstrated the flexibility to be successful.

We talked to Evens about how he felt receiving the award and how what led him to the Utica College ABSN program.

In these past 16 months, I have learned to be the pioneer of my dreams by never standing still. Thank you, Utica College.

– Evens T., ABSN Graduate and Spring 2017 Utica College ABSN St. Petersburg Student of Excellence Award recipient.

Utica ABSN graduate, Evens

How did it feel to win the Student of Excellence Award?

The moment that realized I won the Excellence Award, I was elated. To be honored and respected by my fellow classmates and faculty members is all I could ever ask. They have my utmost respect and admiration.

What does winning this award mean to you?

Providing genuine and compassionate care is what nursing is all about. Once the family members leave, nurses are the only people patients have to talk to. Learning to listen with the heart gives patients comfort in knowing that they have someone in their corner. My goal when meeting anybody for the first time is to let them know I am here and I care. Providing compassionate care is what this award means to me.

What did you do before you enrolled in nursing school?

Prior to nursing school, I worked as a nurse technician at Florida Hospital Tampa. I have been a nurse technician for four years now and have won both the patient care award and the patient experience award at Florida Hospital Tampa.

Why did you choose the ABSN program?

I choose the ABSN program because it was the shortest distance between me and my dreams of becoming a nurse. In as little as 16 months, I earned my Bachelor of Science in Nursing.

What made Utica College stand apart?

I believe that hard work and skill fosters success. Besides Utica being a great institution, the schools motto to “Never Stand Still” stuck out to me the most. From the moment the program starts, my colleagues and I never stood still.  Thus, with my hard work and skills attained from Utica College, I successfully graduated from nursing school in 16 months.

Are you ready to go above and beyond?

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